I wanted to write this to express my appreciation to the hard work and diligence Duke Montross went through to meet a customer's urgent needs and to ensure complete satisfaction with the hard work, help and guidance he provided.

I had a 40 ' shipping container delivered to the back of my heavily wooded 5 acre property about 3 weeks ago. I have a home under construction in Belize and this container was used to load my household appliances, appliances, goods and personal effects for shipment there. It was imperative that the container be on the ship departing for the Caribbean this Thursday.  I have no experience at this sort of thing so I called the shipping company and they put me in touch with a freight forwarder who then contacted Diego.

My wife Cindy and I are so thankful for his efforts. Because of Duke's work we will be able to enjoy our home in Belize this June. Buddy I owe you a Belizean Steak and a Belekin (The national beer of Belize).

My grateful and heartfelt regards,

David Reeves

David Reeves, Client


Not many brokers we work with are available whenever we need them.  Total Connection has helped us in the middle of the night, and sometimes even on the weekend whenever we need them most.  No matter who I work with they make me feel like they really care about my freight and they always know whats going on...Great Job!!!

Virginie, Air Parcel Express, client

We usually wind up spreading our projects out to a few brokers and carriers...A nightmare for all of us, but luckily we came across Total and now were ecstatic we can keep it all in one place.  Keep up the good work!

Bradley Grosh, Daniel F. Young, client

We've been saving on our logistics every day since Total Connection took over our freight.  Our rep really took the time to get to know our business model and tell us the areas he specifically knew he could improve.  Even when Total doesnt win a job for us its nice to have them in our back pocket in case something goes wrong or we have a question along the way.

Joanne Alba, Brenntag, client