Claim Filing Procedures

Due to the nature of Total Connection as a broker, we are not directly responsible for any claims made against us due to carrier negligence.  We do however aid in the collection of valid freight claims from our carriers.

Total Connection Takes our customer’s claims seriously.  In order to ensure we can do everything in our power to reconcile or mitigate claims against your cargo,  It is imperative that the following conditions are met in each case.

  1. Notification in a timely matter

When it comes to cargo claims, the sooner the better, but Total Connection allows the minimum allowable time to file a freight claim with that being 9 months from the date of delivery.  Total Connection must be formally notified by official letter, or email of the intended freight claim with the following details.

  • Total Connection Load Number
  • Customer PO Number
  • Claim Amount
  • Invoice for value of lost freight
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Total Connection Paid Invoice
  • any other associated documentation

You will receive a receipt of acknowledgment from a Total Connection Officer in 24 hours from the time of your email.

Total Connection Requires any freight for which claims are being filed to be held in there original condition throughout the duration of the claim.

This allows Total Connection to conduct an independent investigation and come to a resolution quickly

Total Connection Denies any liability to cargo claims if the freight has been altered or disposed of in any way without Total Connection’s written consent.