Container Drayage


As an OTI and licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) freight forwarder Total Connection can simplify the process of ocean freight shipping.  If you have a container load that needs to catch an outbound vessel, or an incoming container you need picked up and brought to you, eliminate the hassle of dealing with the ports and let Total Connection handle your drayage.  Our flexible container shipping service allows you to stay organized and better collaborate with your shippers and receivers.  Instead of speaking to the vessel, the port, and the carriers for your load, you only speak to your Total Connection representative the entire leg of the shipment simplifying the process for you and all of those involved.


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Container Drayage Services

  1. Full Container Capacity
    We provide coverage to and from all major ports foreign and domestic for import and export shipments
  2. Pick and Strip
    Total Connection is a one stop shop for all your logistics, so if a container needs to be unloaded and transported elsewhere, you can count on us to handle it from the boat to the end user.
  3. Prevent Delay
    We hate delay as much as you do.  We carefully schedule moves with our carriers to make sure you are never left paying demurrage at the port when you don't have to.

Specialty Options

Our dedicated container team makes sure that when we pick up your container we move it in the fastest most efficient way possible to keep those added charges off your bill the best we can. 
Total Connection has access to specialty containers including flat-rack, oversize, hazmat, flexibags, and temperature controlled options.
We have access to the largest database of drayage carriers in the country giving us tons of flexibility and leverage to negotiate the best drayage rates for our customers.

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