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The Tools and Resources you Need to
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If you consider yourself experienced in the transportation, want the freedom of owning and running your own business with unlimited commission potential you may be a perfect fit for the the Total Connection Agency Program.  This is a full “Done with you” program that gives you unrestricted access to all of the resources used in our successful own successful brokerage.

We provide operational support and the most competitive commission payouts in the industry that will help you grow your business while remaining independent and in charge of your own future.

There is no limit to how much or how fast your business can grow with Total Connection’s Freight Agent program.  With our seamless processes of Vendor onboarding, customer approval, and fully 24/7 support, you can quickly grow your customer base and put more money in your bank account on a biweekly basis.

How Does it work?

The process is simple and seamless.  Most of our agents have their own organizations up and running as soon as 7 days time with some making the transition in less than that.

After you submit the application below you’ll receive a “getting to know you” call from one of the owners themselves.  This is a tight knit family business and we are very selective with the people that we choose to work with.

If your application is approved and you feel like you are a good fit for our organization we will immediately start the on-boarding process.  Introducing you to the team, creating your company email address, issuing a phone and licenses to all of our programs.  We will arm you with all of the tools and resources you need to start selling our premium logistic services.

What are the benefits?

  • No caps on your earning potential. Most brokers will "renegotiate" your structure as you reach different tiers and milestones in your business. Total Connection stands by our original agreements and will only renegotiate when there is an opportunity to benefit us both.
  • Ability to work remotely. Our head offices are stationed strategically in all 3 time zones so you have support all day for any questions or needs that arise. Most of our successful agents never even met us face to face! You can work from home, spend more time with your family as long as your business is making sales.
  • All administrative headaches taken care of. We have all of the complexities of obtaining licenses, structuring your company and technology maintenance down to a smooth system so all you have to worry about is spending time on your business, not in it.
  • Capacity for all modes of transportation. We have dedicated departments for every mode of transportation. We hire Industry leaders and innovators that have the ability to handle any job that come's your way. Our motto is "we ship anything" and we don't take that lightly.
  • Established relationships with over 40,000 carriers. Total Connection has been around for over 20 years. We're known by nearly every carrier in the industry as a preferred freight broker so we have no problem covering most lanes that other's can't.

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