New Customer Onboarding

How this works:

This is the new customer on-boarding process it is completely automated aside from any RFQ’s and customer information forms that need to be filled out.

1. Fill out the information below and it will trigger 2 automatic emails. 

An email to the customer from Luis saying thank you.  It is designed to pick up where you left off in the conversation, it simply thanks them and lets them know what I need to complete the set up process so that your inbox doesn’t get clogged up with threads. 

I will handle the on-boarding from here, any further communication will be pertaining to getting work or asking for what they should quote.  Our important documents are attached to this email already so there is no need to send them twice or request for me to send them.

This will automatically trigger an email to our insurance companies.  Please be sure to fill out the name and address sections and it will automatically make a request for a form.  I will be cc’d and will send it through with the on-boarding packet.

This will send an email to accounting.  No more needing to send a manual email to accounting.  As long as all of the boxes are filled out accounting will receive an automatic email to credit you with the customer and enter it into our system.

2. If you received a customer on-boarding packet send those to me (lruribe).

3. Credit checks: If they request a form from you you can send them this link otherwise we will handle on our end.

3. PLEASE SPELL EVERYTHING CORRECTLY everything from this point is automated and custom to the customer.

Customer Resources

Send this link to your customer if they request credit:

Click here to download our most recent licenses:

Click here to download our carrier rating/bond information:

Click Here to download co-broker agreement